Our Story

Village boys, Pemba Island, Tanzania

The Dream

We walked a km to the site followed by the whole village.

A dense forest trail lead us to this beautiful white and silky beach, where 3 small islands rested in the water edge, few steps away from the sand. Immediately, we were filled with an unparalleled sense of purity and tranquility. This was all we needed to believe that we had chosen the right spot for our African retreat.

The dream was to build 30 villas, all with the sea-view, without disturbing the natural raw beauty that surrounded us.

Five years later and with the help of the villagers, old and young, men and women, we have been able to put together everything we found around this island, like coral stones, local wood like mangrove & coconut, coconut brooms, lime, old and abandoned ‘galawas’, to name but a few…

The concept of forms, facades, courtyards, pergolas, water features, spa, visible roofs, dining space, art and sculptures, textures and fabrics, furnishing and decorative accessories, was driven by existing, natural resources. The character and integrity of all materials gathered along with the traditional “savoir faire” of the locals, have formed the basis of our approach to the architecture and design of our resort – simple materiality and consummate craftsmanship.

Building and landscaping is in dissolvable. The fluid interaction between inside and the outside, provides great relief. At The Aiyana the garden is a temple and will touch the soul.

We have considered our guest bedrooms with aspects of quietude and contemplation and the ever-so-present rhythmic sound of sea will enhance the atmosphere. Our guest bathrooms are extensions of our gardens, with showers open to the sky – a deserved indulgence and surrender to serenity.

Our sculptures and Zanzibarian carvings express the essence of their materiality as well as age. The texture of exposed stones is infinitely pleasurable.

The Aiyana is all about “vernacular architecture” which is, in essence “architecture without architects “. Here, the concept of luxury is redefined through a sense of tactility and tranquility.

Best described, simplicity and sensuality is what makes The Aiyana so special and deserving.