Pure Experiences


The Aiyana plays host to a myriad of leisurely pursuits that range from the energetic to the comtemplative… for the more youthful and those wishing to feel so… on dry land or otherwise…

The resort is your outpost into the first steps of the wildness and tranquility of Pemba. Reconnect with nature and experience a land rich in life and uninhabited space. Our experiences are shaped by pleasure rather than design, offering something for true adventurers as well as those who want to experience the Island at a more lyrical and slower pace.

We offer guests the opportunity to partake in activities to experience some of the islands most spectacular and scenic excursions such as:

The Art of Doing Nothing

We make things happen–and happen fast. While rushing along, the days seem to get shorter and shorter. If only time would hold still, just a little bit, to let us savor life’s simplest moments. Doing nothing at The Aiyana will help to ease these beat-the-clock jitters. The stress-reducing techniques described here require no time, no skill, and no commitment. A practical place to rest and relax, it ushers us into a world where “being” is more compelling than “doing.”

Variety Dining

Every meal is setup up in a different, private setting each night. We give you the option to decide where you have you meal, it can be either the formal restaurant or the casual beach setting, under the Makuti umbrella or stars, in the organized landscaped bushes, at the white sandy beach or even at the island in front of the hotel to give you the ultimate bliss of having a perfect sunset with drinks and bites.

Pemba Flying Fox Forest

The Pemba flying fox is a species of flying fox in the family Pteropodidae. It is endemic to the island of Pemba in Tanzania. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and subtropical or tropical mangrove forests.

Chake Chake

Visit Chake Chake and its crumbling buildings and stall-filled alleyways, taking in the fruit and vegetable market, trying out the sticky paste made from tamarind, ginger, sugar, nutmeg, and cloves, and watching the grazing hump-necked cows interrupt an impromptu football match in front of the mosque.

Dhow Trip

Experience the islands’ waters on a traditional sailing dhow. Handmade and carved from mango wood this dhow provides the opportunity to experience Pemba through the strong cultural heritage of this local vessel.